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Resources and Tools for additional support to help you continue on your journey as a Transformational Coach.  

These exercises are included and referred to in A Companion Guide to InSideOut Coaching, How Sports Can Transform Lives.

MSHSL & CFA  Present “ A Game Plan to Prevent Violence

Coaching for Change is a first-of-its-kind e-learning experience designed to create a heightened awareness of a team's culture and the social norms that are shaping student attitudes and behaviors related to teen dating violence, sexual assault, and sexual harassment.  Coaches will learn basic strategies that will help them address these tough issues as they arise and proactive approaches they can use throughout the year.  With this increased awareness, coaches can positively impact the lives of their students.

"Sexual and domestic violence are difficult topics to understand and discuss, and there are few coaches who are trained to deal with these topics effectively.  If we expect coaches to challenge the current status quo and immerse their programs in a counter-cultural belief system, we must provide them with consequential and ongoing professional development and support so they are prepared to address these issues effectively." Jody Redman, Associate Director of the Minnesota State High School League

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 Parent's Code of Conduct

A document to be signed by parents stating their commitment to make a positive difference in the lives of all players.
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Coach's Code of Conduct

A document to be signed by coaches stating their commitment to make a positive difference in the lives of their players.
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Player's Code of Conduct

A document to be signed by athletes stated their commitment to abide by policies, rules and guidelines of their sport, team and school.
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Coaching to End Gender Violence

Coaches, teach your players how to show up, stand up and speak out against all types of gender violence. Display and reference Joe Ehrmann’s tips on ending gender violence on your team and in your community.
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Reflective Writing

Being aware of your stress and how you are responding to it is important. Identifying stress factors in your life is the first step to putting together a game plan for managing the stress more effectively. This exercise provides 5 steps to effective reflective writing.
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Shaping Up Your Relationship

Take some time to review your relationship values with these 10 coaching points.
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Trigger Worksheet
A Guide For Working Through Destructive Behavior Patterns

"Trigger" – an unresolved wound that ignites an inappropriate (and often childlike) response due to overwhelming feelings of anger, shame, sadness and/or anxiety.
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Five Lesson Plans Addressing Issues of Sexual Exploitation

Coach for America and the Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation worked together to create these 5 lesson plans. They are designed for coaches, teachers, youth workers and all who influence young people to speak out to end human sex trafficking.
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Comprehensive List of Events in 2010

Thank you for bringing Joe to your community. This list shows the States Joe visited by the category and the types of speaking engagements booked.
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Men Speak Out About Sexist Coverage of Rape: A Call To Action

In the struggle to stop rape and all forms of men’s violence against women, it is time for men to leave the sidelines and get in the game. Read more of this Call To Action and combined national statement with many contributors including Joe.
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